The ultimate sales tool for the Packaging Industry

Launch the digital transformation of your packaging company and sell efficiently with HIPE.

Increase your sales team responsiveness

35 to 50% of B2B orders are given to suppliers that send their offer first. HIPE helps you always be the first. Boost your business now.

Simplify and automate your sales activity

HIPE standardizes your prices with the best practices of the packaging industry. They are predicted with unparalleled precision thanks to powerful algorithms that support more than 1000 parameters (financial, purchasing, machines, logistics…) that you can control.

HIPE combines essential tools for increased sales performance

HIPE combines all the key features with a high level of packaging expertise:

Technology for your industry​

B2B suppliers win 35 to 50% of orders just because they give their price first. HIPE helps you always be the first and boosts your quotation/order transformation rate.

HIPE, the sales tool for the packaging industry 4.0

Designed to sell

Save your efforts

70/80/90% of our quotes do not convert into orders? So much effort spent! HIPE saves and automates your efforts for a successful customer relationship.

Sell online

25% of B2B orders are now made online. Combine HIPE to your website to start selling customized packaging online.

Increase your turnover

HIPE frees up 20% of your salespeople’s time so they can focus on your company business development.

HIPE is the new hype

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