Website and E-Commerce development

HIPE was born from modern web development technologies. What could be more normal than pluging your HIPE configurator to your website? Engage your web-to-pack strategy. Say goodbye to your old school contact form. Like any car manufacturer, offer an intuitive and successful experience to your online visitors.

Even better, open an online store. We are here to help you define your strategy, choose and implement the best tools. Invest in a modern and scalable profit center.

MIS/ERP integration

HIPE aims to simplify and improve your pre-sales and sales process. To put it simply, HIPE brings you more orders with less efforts. Once you get new orders, they shall fall into your order processing tools. MIS/ERP, planning and scheduling tools take over to streamline your manufacturing process and costs.

We can connect HIPE to all universal, print or packaging MIS/ERPs. Consolidate reliable, error-free information at any time. Avoid time-consuming re-entry tasks or mistakes. Automate all of your business flows, from client briefs to orders delivery.

Other integrations

HIPE can potentially be connected to any workflow automation tool. 3D, DTP, pre-flight, CAD, planning… whatever the tools you use, we can build up an automation between them and HIPE.

Building your digital chain is one of the success keys for your industry 4.0.

Consulting and training

HIPE is “just” a business tool that is part of your digital transformation strategy ; especially for your sales processes.

Before investing in HIPE, you need to rethink your internal processes, onboard your internal users and prepare them to change. 

This is why our business experts, who have experienced these transformations at the heart of the cardboard industries, are at your disposal to advise you and carry out all the training actions necessary to make your digital transformation a success.

HIPE is the new hype

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