HIPE for folding cardboard converters

HIPE handles folding cardboard packaging products with all related manufacturing operations: printing, varnishing, stamping, cutting, folding gluing and more.  

ECMA codes, adapted shapes or original creations from your structural design office, HIPE supports any type of folding cardboard products you can sell to your clients. Configure endless possibilities  within the limits of your machine and strategic capabilities. 

HIPE is a scalable and responsive configurator. Add, edit, delete products, operations or materials within a few clicks and watch how your configurator has changed.

Same goes for your pricing engine.

HIPE for corrugated cardboard converters

You can list in HIPE FEFCO codes as well as unique structural design, packaging for logistics as well as packaging for ecommerce. List the products and manufacturing operations you want to start selling corrugated cardboard packaging products efficiently. 

Define your operations and pricing rules for flexography, digital or offset printing, cutting, folding-gluing, rack assembly, and more.

HIPE for other industries

We have designed HIPE to support any type of industry.  Our technical experts are at your disposal to adapt the configurator and the pricing system to your business.

Did you know that HIPE was born through a joint collaboration between our team and a French packaging converter team ? We are used to co-construct products. Why not with you? 

HIPE is the new hype

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