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Because it is impossible to know which project and which price request will ultimately become an order, it is crucial to respond to all the requests of customers and prospects. HIPE, via its “instant pricing” module, takes charge of a part of the pricing calculations for an instant response and shortens response times for price offers managed by internal teams.

As you know, responding as quickly as possible to your customers’ requests increases your chances of winning orders. Better yet, responding quickly increases margins. HIPE is designed with this objective, through real-time price giving when possible, or through its easy using for all the teams involved in the prices elaboration, which saves time in submitting offers.

You do not want to be a P.O. Box anymore? You want to have the weapons to advise and recommend the best options to your clients, backed by numbers? HIPE is made for that. You no longer have to “sort” your clients’ requests. Manage them all and go beyond that by recommending configuration, decoration and finishing options to your clients.

A customized packaging project is a complex project, involving many internal and external interlocutors. It can drag on over time. You find it difficult to find certain information in your emails, folders and servers? In just a few clicks, HIPE allows you to find all the information about the project: the latest versions of the brief, estimates, project progress, shared documents… everything is centralized to make your life easier.

Because you are on the road, working from the office, from home or from a café, it’s important to have permanent access to your project and brief history. More, HIPE allows you to be more autonomous: you can make your price offers without having to call on your estimators, in accordance with the settings you have collectively defined.

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Some files do not deserve your attention, your expertise. HIPE automates the simplest and least strategic files at its charge to free up your time. Concentrate your efforts on the most specific or high value projects.

Your sales representatives have difficulty in providing you with all the essential information to enable you to draw up a quote? HIPE standardizes the collection of needs via its advanced and customizable configurator. You can even force or limit certain configuration possibilities.

You create unique models. You even go so far as to patent some of them. And you want to let your customers know about it. Simply add your new products to your configurator and capitalize on your experiences and creations.


Because 42% of B2B customers start their shopping journey online, to identify, get information, compare prices, it is indeed crucial to offer a modern website, adapted to today’s uses and why not going as far as an ecommerce proposal.

Answering and assisting the customer quickly and efficiently is crucial for the commercial development of a company. Offering an experience around the HIPE solution increases your quality of customer service. Hanging up on your website, HIPE is a digital service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere. Your customers can therefore engage their communication with you, even when you are not available.

Digital transformation is not an end in itself. On the contrary, it is a means, a path to gain profitability by increasing team productivity and automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks. HIPE has been designed to boost your profitability. Find out how HIPE guarantees a rapid return on investment.

Any digital transformation project is a change internal practices project. Packitoo HIPE teams work at the heart of the industry, in collaboration with all teams, and ensure that the change management is successful.

You have already invested in several software programs that “run” your factory. HIPE can discuss and connect with your MIS / ERP, your DTP and pre-flight, CAD, planning and scheduling tools, but also your website. We adapt our solution to your digital context. This is digital chaining.

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