Case study: HIPE’s return on investment, saving time for your teams.


The company “Tomorrow Cardboard” has 10 employees in its sales department (sales team, sales administration, cost estimators, methods and design office). This company reaches a turnover of 7 million euros is in charge of around 2000 designed packaging projects each year. Each of these projects represents a brief, with various construction, finishes, logistics and purchasing conditions options. On average, 4 prices are given to the customer for each project. Therefore, 8000 prices, 6000 roundtrips with the customers, 2000 cutting patterns and design office conceptions and 1000 models are conducted each year to generate these 7 million euros of turnover.

“Tomorrow Cardboard” wants to simplify and automate its sales processes. The company get in touch with the Packitoo team to adapt the HIPE tool to its specificities (expertise, machine park, unique commercial offer, workflow and internal practices).

To do so, the company invests 63,500 euros:

  • €30,000 for the specific development of the HIPE tool
  •           €5,000 for the training of its internal users (sales, sales administration, costs estimators, methods, account administrator)
  •      €28,500 for a 2-year subscription for 10 users

A few weeks later, the fully and designed HIPE solution is delivered, implemented, and connected to existing information systems.

Over the following year (12 months), the 10 people team has greatly boosted its productivity, eliminated the time-consuming and repetitive tasks linked to the complexity of the designed packaging business. On average, now each project takes one hour less of work:

  • 45% of the prices are formulated automatically by HIPE Pro
  • Price offers of the remaining 55% are given with a collective time saving of approximately 45 minutes per project.

In total, 2000 hours of work are saved over the period.

On average, each hour of work is paid €50 at “Tomorrow Cardboard”.

Let’s do the math:

  • 2000 hours of work at €50 per hour are saved, i.e. €100,000 over 12 months or € 200,000 over 24 months.
  • From which the full investment of €63,500 is retired for the same period
  • In total, “Tomorrow Cardboard” saved €136,500 over 24 months. It is it return on investment (ROI).


It only took 7.6 months for the company “Tomorrow Cardboard” to redeem its investment in the HIPE solution.

Even better, Packitoo HIPE spread the payments over 24 months. “Tomorrow Cardboard” therefore pays around €2,650 each month for a monthly saving of €8,333, corresponding to the time saved by the entire team.

You too, calculate you ROI, by using your market data and our pricing plan.


The ROI here does not take into account the increase in turnover reached by the sales teams of the company “Tomorrow Cardboard” dur to increased reactivity, and sometimes instantaneous, in the delivery of its price offers, nor of the increase in customer base development by the sales team.

This case study corresponds to the average data recorded with customers of the HIPE solution.